How to Recover Data from USB Memory Stick with IUWEshare USB Flash Drive Data Recovery(Win/Mac)

Please download and install IUWEshare USB Flash Drive Data Recovery(Win/Mac) on your computer at first.

What's Memory Stick?

A Memory Stick (MS) is another memory card type for digital cameras to store digital pictures. Currently, most Sony cyber-shot digital cameras use memory sticks. Memory Stick was developed by Sony in 1998. There are several types of memory sticks including Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, HG, Duo and Memory Stick Micro (M2). Capacities of memorysticks are from 32 MB t 8 GB. Memory Stick can also be used in other digital devices such as Camcorders, PSPs (Play Station Portable) and Mobile Phones.

Common Reasons for USB Memory Stick Data Loss:

  • Accidentally format the USB memory stick.
  • Wrongly delete data in USB memory stick.
  • Computer viruses and worms infection or corruption.
  • Power failure or surge.
  • System shutdown or application failure.
  • Other unknown reasons.
  • If files on the memory stick were lost due to deletion, formatting, or memory stick damage, error or unreadable, IUWEshare USB Flash Drive Data Recovery(Win/Mac) software is able to help you recover them in most cases.

    USB Memory Stick Data Recovery Tutorial

    Step 1. Launch IUWEshare USB Flash Drive Data Recovery(Win/Mac) and select the disk where you lost your data and click "Scan" button, the software will quickly scan the selected disk to find all your target files.

    Step 2. After scan, you can preview all the listed recoverable files one by one and select out those you want. Then, click "Recover" button to get them back.

    Tip: Once find there is data loss in the USB memory stick, we should stop any operation which will cause overwriting. The faster we perform data recovery, the more chances we get to recover data from USB memory stick.