How to Recover Lost Photos/Pictures from MMC Card With IUWEshare SD Memory Card Recovery Wizard(Win/Mac)

Please download and install IUWEshare SD Memory Card Recovery Wizard(Win/Mac) on your computer at first.

General causes leading to data loss from MMC cards:

  • Accidental deletion of your vital data on MMC cards
  • Memory card corruption due to severe virus infection
  • File system corruption due to improper handling like abrupt removal
  • Improper mounting of the MMC card
  • Abrupt removal of the MMC card while transferring the data
  • Capturing pictures or recording video when MMC card id full or your camera or phone is on low battery
  • Formatting the MMC without proper data backup
  • MMC Card (MultiMedia Card) is a flash memory card standard used as storage media for portable devices like digital cameras, in the form that can easily be removed for access by a personal computer. Major MMC card manufacturer includes Sandisk, Toshiba and Siemens AG.

    MMC cards can be used in any devices which supports SD cards. MMC card used in a digital camera stores image files and with an MMC reader the images can be copied to a personal computer.

    IUWEshare SD Memory Card Recovery Wizard is a great data recovery program which can help you recover any lost data like photos in a MMC card. It provides easy and quick data recovery solutions to recover lost data from a MMC card.

    Step 1. Connect the XD card to computer via card reader and launch IUWEshare SD Memory Card Recovery Wizard. Then select the drive that represents the MMC Card and click on "Scan".

    Step 2. After scanning finished, you can preview the found files and click the "Recover" button to retrieve lost data.